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Pensioenfonds PNO Media is the pension fund for the creative and digital sector. With us, employees and employers together ensure a good pension. A good income after retirement is paramount. However, our pension schemes also provide an income in the event of disability or death. We invest the pension contributions responsibly. This not only generates a higher yield, but also contributes towards a better world.

Who we are

PNO Media is a non-profit foundation. This means we take good care of every euro you entrust to us. Our results optimally benefit our participants. 

PNO Media was founded in 1947 for the employees of the Dutch radio broadcasting service. We are still located in Hilversum. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to securing a good retirement plan for reporters, editors, directors, sound engineers, camera crew, app developers, security guards, designers, set builders, IT professionals and marketers. And also for all those other people who work in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the creative and digital sector. More than 400 employers and 60,000 participants and pension beneficiaries trust us to arrange their pensions properly.

Mission and strategy

PNO Media strives to obtain a leading position in the creative and digital sector. Employers, participants, former participants and pension beneficiaries are at the heart of our services. We respond to social developments with contemporary pension solutions.

PNO Media pursues the following strategic goals:

  • A good and affordable pension by means of a well-founded and controlled investment policy and contribution policy;
  • Clear, careful and timely communication with participants about the realistic expected pension outcome;
  • Good value for money by paying attention to costs;
  • Continuity through growth and by providing pension products that meet the needs of employees and employers;
  • A professional and reliable reputation through sound business operations, a balanced weighing of interests and a good relationship with stakeholders.

Sustainable investments

The contributions paid by employers and employees are the building blocks for the pensions we pay out. To be able to offer our participants a good pension at an acceptable contribution, we need to invest the contributions that are being paid in. However, a good pension is worth more if you can enjoy it in a better world. That is why we invest the contributions responsibly.

We invest in a transparent manner and at an acceptable risk. Moreover, we do not invest our capital in companies or countries with unacceptable standards on freedom of the press, working conditions and the environment. With our investments, we want to contribute to a more liveable world and help combat poverty, inequality and climate change.


PNO Media has a management board with various committees, a supervisory board and an accountability body. In addition to internal supervision, large financial organisations such as pension funds are also subjected to extensive external supervision.

PNO Media applies a joint management model. This means that employers and employees are equally represented on our management board, with two additional independent board members and another member representing pension beneficiaries.

Media Pensioen Diensten (MPD) acts as the pension administration organisation for PNO.

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