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For employees and pensioners

Every month, you and your employer pay a pension contribution. Your employer usually pays most of this contribution. Pension funds, such as PNO Media, invest these contributions because this yields more in the long term than saving. By investing, we achieve a return and you will later receive more pension than you paid in terms of contributions. If you retire today, you will get back up to three times your investment.

Would you like to know how much pension you are accruing? Log in at your personal pension pages at MijnPNO (so far information is in Dutch). 


Payment dates

PNO Media transfers your pension payment to your bank account every month. How long it takes for the amount to be credited to your account depends on your bank. Click here for the current payment dates.

A guaranteed income, also if something happens

By participating in a pension scheme with PNO Media, you can usually count on a benefit being paid to you and your family if something happens. Unfit for work? Then you will continue to accrue pension with us. We will pay the contribution. If you die, your partner will receive a partner's pension and your children will receive an orphan's pension. Such an insurance is expensive if you have to take it out yourself, but this is arranged collectively as part of your pension scheme.

Would you like to know which additional schemes apply to you? Login at your personal pages at MijnPNO.

Our average return is 5.1%

Our assets amount to 8.7 billion euros. A quarter of this capital consists of contributions and three-quarters of investments. The largest part of your pension will therefore come from the return on our investments. Over the past 10 years, we achieved an average return of 5.1% per year. Yields will probably be lower in the coming years, but today's young people will still receive more than they pay in contributions.

When should you contact us?

Do you have questions? Our customer service is available every day.

Please contact us in the following situations:

  • If you are about to retire (at the latest 3 months in advance)
  • If you move abroad
  • If you change jobs
  • If you have been unfit for work for more than 2 years
  • If you want to register your partner for a partner's pension and you are not married or registered partners
  • If you are getting a divorce and you want to make arrangements with regard to the division of the partner's pension or retirement pension
  • If you want someone else to take care of your affairs.

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